Drain Plate, Grass Grid for Green Roof System

Drain Plate, Grass Grid for Green Roof System

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Three methods of Rainwater Collection

Author : Date : 1/4/2017 12:29:00 AM

Rainwater collection
 is not difficult, the technical requirements are not high, the economic investment is not large, the key is to 

change the concept, at the beginning of planning to consider how to deal with rain.


For high-density construction of the city, the roof rainwater collection to substantially improve the utilization of precipitation 



Method 2: Site Rainwater Collection
1. Concave green water collection

When the rainwater flows through the surface shallow ditch, the pollutants are removed by the combination of filtration, osmotic 

absorption and biodegradation. The vegetation also reduces the rainwater flow rate , 

So that the precipitation of particles, to control the purpose of rainwater runoff.
2. Ground infiltration and water collection
Ground penetrate the purpose of including the rainwater recharge underground, replenishment of underground 
water, improve the ecological environment, alleviate ground precipitation, reduce waterlogging and so on.
3 Permeable pavement water collection
Road pavement a large number of selected water seepage material, roadway and sidewalk junction concrete 
road teeth, sidewalks and road green planting belt at the junction of concrete flat road teeth.


Method 3: Road Rainwater Collection

The greening and rainwater harvesting ports on both sides of the road are combined to collect and reuse rainwater through 

the greening filter path.