Drain Plate, Grass Grid for Green Roof System

Drain Plate, Grass Grid for Green Roof System

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Non-woven geotextile

Non-woven geotextile Non-woven geotextile Non-woven geotextile
Product name : Non-woven geotextile
Item : Non-woven geotextile
Details :
Nonwoven geotextile (polyester geotextile, non-woven geotextile) is called as geotextile too. It is made from the synthetic fiber, which is embroidered or woven to form geosynthetic materials with permeability. Finished products are cloth shape, and its general width is 4 to 6 meters, 50 to 100 metres in length. Geotextile is divided into woven geotextile and nonwoven geotextile. Outstanding filtering, isolation, strengthening protection, tensile strength, high permeability, high temperature resistance, frost resistance, ageing resistance, corrosion resistance are all its great features.
1. Isolation: Isolation of building materials (such as soil and sand, sand and gravel, soil and concrete) with different physical properties, making two kinds of or more kinds of materials without losing and confounding, as well as keeping the overall structure and function of materials, which strengthens the bearing ability of the constructed staff.
2. Filtering: when the water flow from fine soil layer into thick soil layer, using the good ventilation and permeability of geotextile to make water through and intercept the soil particles and fine sand, small stone etc. effectively, which maintains the stability of soil and water engineering.
3. Drainage: geotextile is a great water-conductive materials, it can form drainage channels within the soil and discharge the superfluous liquid and gas in the soil.
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