Drain Plate, Grass Grid for Green Roof System

Drain Plate, Grass Grid for Green Roof System

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Round-Hole Shape Storage-Drainage Plate

Round-Hole Shape Storage-Drainage Plate Round-Hole Shape Storage-Drainage Plate Round-Hole Shape Storage-Drainage Plate
Product name : Round-Hole Shape Storage-Drainage Plate
Item : MP-Y25A
Details :

The plastic storage and drainage plates are made from HDPE(high-density polyethylene), using high pressure to inject plastic to form hole-lump-shaped shell, with stereo space and support level; in the top of the shell, covering with non-woven as filtering level for water percolation, water storage and water drainage. The plastic storage and drainage plate also named water drainage protection plate or water filtration plate or plastic interlayer board.
Main Advantages:
1.Water drainage: Drainage plate can be used in combination with non-woven to get rid of the rain immediately and effectively relieve the roof’s pressure caused by the instantaneous rainfall.
2.Water storage: Absorb and store redundant moisture leaking from the planting layer and supply needed moisture for the plant when the soil lacking of water to improve plant’s drought-resistance ability.
3.Ventilation: Special design helps the plant layer to have good air-ventilation ability at the bottom, improves ventilating situation and ensures the oxygen demand for root.
4.Heat insulation: The storage place for the drainage plate is at the bottom of the plant, helping the plant to stop from the sun direct illuminating and form a cool space, which can absorb heat from structure layer to form air troposphere.
5.Safety: Plastic storage and drainage plate‘s light weight will not enhance load for roof structure.
6.Environment protection: it is 100% recycling, won't cause secondary pollution to the environment.
7.Bearing performance: Bearing strength for storage-drainage plate can reach 80 ton per square as the highest, suitable for all kinds of landscape on the top.
8.Low price: ultra-light weight, easy installation, quick construction, low construction cost and simple maintenance.
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